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         Click to view your choice of Awards or scroll thru list:
          Note: Some winners to be posted later as available.

    Beautification Award (Home Garden)    
   Beautification Award (Organization) 
   Certificate of Appreciation     
   Creativity Award
   Bill Hull Memorial Cup                                
   Environmental & Conservation            
   Gardening from the Heart                   

 George Spader Award                                      
   Honor Clubs                                         
   Johnny Appleseed Award 
    Scholarship Awards     
    Service Club Awards       
    Silver Medal   
    Spade Awards    
    Spade Club Awards
    Trowel Awards
    Trowel Club Awards
    Woodson K. Jones Memorial Award
    Youth & Gardening Award

    National Past President Pins

Beautification Awards
(Home Garden):

       Maintained by member and family

Beautification Award (Organization):

Bill Hull Memorial Cup: 2017
John Schinker,
           MGC Youngstown, OH

Certificate of Appreciation:

Creativity Award:

Environmental & Conservation
 Achievement Award:

Gardening from the Heart: 2017
  Gardeners of Greater Cleveland, OH

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George Spader Award: 2017
       For the greatest percent increase in membership over the previous year:

       Gardeners of Greater Akron, OH

  Honor Clubs:
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Johnny Appleseed Award:

Newsletters: 2017
               Newsletter    Club or Region    Editor

Class A Club Award:   (50 + members)
     1st place:   MGC of Youngstown, OH

    2nd place:   Gardeners of Greater Cleveland
Class B Club Award:    (25 to 49 members)                    

Class C Club Award:     (25 or less members)

Region Newsletters:
    1st place:  Central Great Lakes Region


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Photography: 2017
Best of Show Winners - 2017
   Best of Show:       Richard States
                             Member MGC of Youngstown, OH
   Paphiopedilum (lady slipper orchid)
   1st  Runner-up:     Shirley Winnes
                         Member Gardeners Club of Green Bay, WI

   Euphorbia and Euchium candicans (Pride of Madiera)

   2nd  Runner-up:    John Eichorn
           Member Valley of the Sun Gardeners, Vancouver, WA
   Helianthus annuus (sunflower)

   Sweepstakes Award:  Richard States   
                                Member MGC of Youngstown, OH
Click here to View Photos: Photography Competition Winners 

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Scholarship Awards: 2017
  Candidate                  University or College      
  Josiah Asher Bale           Agricultural Technical Institute,
  GOG Akron                     The Ohio State University
  Eric S. Tanner                 Agricultural Technical Institute,
  GOG Akron                     The Ohio State University
  Christian Jay Moore       The Ohio State University 
  MGC Youngstown, OH                   
 Hauk Matthey Boyes         Cornell University
 Upstate NY Region
 Karen Schneck                 Kansas State University
 Overland Park TOGA, KS

 Service Club Awards:


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  Spade Club Awards: 2017
  For recruiting the most new members:
Gardeners of Greater Akron, OH  

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 Spade Award: 2017
Recognition of club members qualifying for the Spade Award:

Bob McGowan, MGC Youngstown, OH
Ann Hudson, St. Mary's GOA, OH
Margaret Singer, Greater Kansas City, MO
Arlene Sampiero, Gardeners of Greater Akron, OH
Chris & Sue Godard, Gardeners of Greater Akron
Bob Bell, Gardeners of Greater Akron, OH
 Trowel Awards:  2017
For recruiting new members who renew for a 2nd year,
       Les Knight, Gardeners of Greater Akron, OH
       Donna Maki, The Gardeners of Lima, OH
       Bob McGowan, MGC of Youngstown, OH

 Trowel Club Award: 2017
Recognition of club with most members qualifying for the Trowel Award

     Gardeners of Greater Akron, OH
Silver Medal: 2017
Recognition for a member of TGOA/MGCA who has rendered outstanding service to the national organization, The Gardeners of America, Inc. / The Men's Garden Clubs of America, Inc.

 Robert (Bob) McGowan
              MGC Youngstown, OH

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Woodson K. Jones Memorial

To an affiliated TGOA/MGCA club in recognition of projects and outstanding service to the community and TGOA/MGCA

Youth & Gardening Award:

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National Past President Pins:
Presented in
R. Daniel Logan III       2014   (Year as President)
James L. Bagwell III     2013
John J. Kessen            2012
Hugh G. Earnhart         2011
Robert L. Grossman    2009
James A. Mack             2007
Dale G. Davies             2006
Honey Barneykoff       2004
Louis C. Jones            2003
William F. Lanning     1998
James A. Tracy           1992


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