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In 1933 and 1934 national conventions were held in Chicago.  In 1935 Ft. Wayne hosted the event and in 1936 the members met in Cleveland.

Through the balance of the Depression years the organization grew at a rate of up to 10 clubs each year.  When the World War II years came along growth became irregular.  At the end of the war, a new interest was signaled when eleven new clubs were chartered.

Annual conventions continued and by 1960 twenty-seven clubs were added.  The interest continued to grow with gardeners actively dedicated to increasing productivity of their home gardens, improving the beauty of their communities and enhancing their environment through gardening.

To reflect the growing diversity of gardening and of our members the Men's Garden Clubs of America became The Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America in 1992.  TGOA/MGCA welcomes and urges both men and women - everyone who loves gardening - to join.

Today one finds TGOA/MGCA all across America - in large cities, suburban areas, and in towns of every size - wherever there are gardeners.

From the seed planted by Leo W, Nack in 1928 TGOA/MGCA has grown to one of the finest gardening organizations in America.  The permanent headquarters, locate in Johnston, Iowa, is a fine tribute to those who did so much and gave The Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America , the blueprint to the future of good gardening.

No other organization promotes home gardening on the scale that The Gardeners of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America does.  We're propagating good gardeners and good gardening ideas.
                                      We invite you to join us!

Note: Above History from the 2001 TGOA/MGCA information pamphlet.


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