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Awards Manual Index

Note: All Applications based on prior years service.

To view the Awards Manual sections please click on your choice:  (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Note: Sections may be copied by members for club or personal use.

1. Johnny Appleseed
2. Gold Medal
3. Silver Medal
4. Bill Hull Memorial Cup
5. Woodson K. Jones Memorial
6. Golden Quill
7. Beautification (Communities & Organizations)
8. Beautification (Businesses)
9. Beautification - Home Garden
  (Maintained by member and/or immediate family)
10. Beautification - Home Garden
  (Maintained by professional gardeners/landscapers)
11. Creativity
12. Certificate of Recognition
13. Certificate of Appreciation
14. Spark Plug
15. George Spader
16. Spade Club Award - Trowel Club Award
17. Environment & Conservation
18. President's Environmental & Conservation
19. Gardening From the Heart
20. Newsletter/Club & Region
21. Photography Contest
22. Scholarships
23. Youth Gardening
24. Region Awards
          Certificate of Honor
          Environmental & Conservation Achievement
          Green Bronze
          Horticultural Achievement
          Horticultural Journalism
          Spark Plug
25. Affiliated Club Awards
          Big Pumpkin Certificates
          Bronze Medal
          Certificate of Honor
          Environmental & Conservation
          Giant Sunflower Certificate
          Our Thanks to You
          Spade Club/Trowel Awards (Club Members)
          Spark Plug

Please Note: You must have the free download of  "Adobe Acrobat Reader" in order to view the Awards Manual. For the free download go to:

With the Acrobat Reader you will be able to save the Awards Manual sections in files on your computer or print selected pages on your printer.


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